Welcome to the professional face of mainstream male beauty and holistic therapy for over 14 years. I specialise in full body Holistic & Therapeutic Massage for men and male Waxing (including intimate waxing); from the soul of Brazil to the heart of NW London, using highly innovative & patented Perron Rigot waxes. The treatments are delivered from a comfortable and professional treatment area in my flat which many men prefer as opposed to a busy beauty salon environment.

Full Body Holistic & Therapeutic Massage For Men

Over the past 14 years I have developed a massage technique for male clients who have enjoyed greater well being and a host of other benefits.

The treatment consists of a blend of skills derived from:
· Holistic Therapeutic Massage
· Shiatsu
· Indian Head Massage

Your treatment will be provided in a calm and relaxing environment using the very best oils to ensure that it promotes the highest sense of well being, and will be fully customised to your needs.
The focus will be on delivering some or all of the following benefits:
· Relaxation
· Improved skin and muscle tone
· Release of muscular tension
· De-stressing of body and mind
· Relief from body pain
· Improved concentration
· Enhanced wellbeing

Waxing (including Intimate Waxing) for men

Body hair removal by men has been practiced for centuries amongst many cultures across the globe for hygiene reasons and to present a "pure" body during prayers. Today the modern male from all walks of life undertakes body hair removal, including intimate areas, for aesthetic as well as sensual and personal hygiene reasons.

Waxing is by far the most popular method of semi-permanent hair removal which removes hair from the root. This results in slower, softer and sparser re-growth with regular treatments, making waxing the preferred choice of hair removal for men. Intimate Male Waxing is also known commonly as Back Sack & Crack (BSC). There are other descriptions around such as: Manscaping, Manzilian, the Male Brazilian, Sunga, Extreme Male waxing, Boyzilian, Guyzilian, Boykini, male Hollywood waxing, Californian waxing.

Key Benefits of Body Waxing
· Improved aesthetics - a clean, smooth look preferred by modern male.
· Personal Grooming - natural progression to regular grooming.
· Increased confidence - removal of unwanted hair can raise a man's self esteem.
· Fitter look - less hair improves muscle definition
· Hygiene - reduction of body odour and you feel clean & fresh.
· Sports related benefits - greater comfort improves performance.
· Enhanced sexual pleasure - increased sensuality and sensitivity for both parties.
· Optical Inch Effect - removing hair from base of the penis creates an illusion of a longer shaft.

The Waxing Procedure
All Clients will be required to complete a consultation form, on their first visit, prior to the waxing treatment. Following the initial consultation, the procedure is carried out in four steps:
· Pre Waxing Treatment
· Waxing Treatment
· Post Waxing Treatment
· After Care Advise

Strip waxing will be undertaken for most body parts (except intimate parts). Hot Wax is applied using a spatula, and removed using paper strips. Intimate male waxing is carried out using hot wax (non strip waxing), as it provides less painful hair removal. Hot Wax is applied using a spatula, and removed without the need for paper strips. It is ideal for sensitive areas, as the wax does not cling to the skin.

About Me

I am accredited by ITEC, The Carlton Institute, The British School of Complementary Therapy and Axiom. BABTAC Registered and Insured.
If you come by public transport I am just a short walk from Wembley Park Metropolitan & Jubilee station.
Street and off-street parking is also available.

I truly believe in the therapeutic and aesthetic qualities of my treatments tailored for men, and draw my satisfaction from the resulting benefits. Call +44 (0)7914 482918 to book an appointment with Harish.

Monday to Friday: 7.30pm to 10.30pm (to book an appointment please call after 7.30pm)
Weekends: 10.00am to 10.30pm. (to book an appointment please call after 10.00am)

Massage & Waxing Prices

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